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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Call to Scrap Transition Year………………..


Interesting call from Friends Of The Elderly to scrap Transition Year in favour of students taking the FETAC Care of the Older Person course, which would ‘equip them to care for the non-medical needs of older people in their homes’.  Would 15/16/17-year olds be able for this work?  Knowing the FETAC programme and the work involved in caring, we are not convinced.

New FETAC Special Purpose Level 6 Awards Published

The following new Special Purpose awards have just been published on the FETAC website and are available to registered providers to use when they have a programme validated:

6S3153 Life and Workplace Coaching
6S3372 Training and Development
6M3115 Information, Advice and Advocacy

Deadline for Programme Validation at Levels 4,5 and 6

FETAC has been in contact with providers recently advising them that if they wish to commence delivery of validated programmes (Levels 4, 5 and 6) in September 2012 they need to submit their application for validation no later than March 2012.