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External Authentication

Cathleen Hartnett is a member of FETAC’s panel of quality assured External Authenticators

Thursday 12 April is the next submission date for FETAC . We are authenticating for this certification period until Wednesday 4 April.

There are six FETAC certification periods in 2012; February, April, June, August, October and December. The 12th day of the month is the final submission date for the certification period and all authenticated results must be submitted by that date.

FETAC has established a panel of quality assured External Authenticators to assist and facilitate FETAC providers in the implementation of  external authentication requirements. The role of the External Authenticator is to moderate assessment results, participate in the results approval process, complete external authentication reports and recommend results for approval.

Cathleen Hartnett is a FETAC External Authenticator. Please contact Cathleen by phone at 087 2929793 or email at to discuss your authentication requirements.


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